What would you do?

Welcome! You’ve been invited to the Safer Hudson Valley interactive story experience. We’re so glad you’re here! Your participation is in dire need. Our main characters have found themselves in three different situations, and they need your help to figure out how to react. Help them make the **right** decision as you move through these interactive scenarios.


  1. At the beginning of each scene, you’ll be presented with some background information. Read it and then click to begin watching the video.
  2. After each prelude video, you’ll then have the option to select what each main character should do in the given situation.
  3. After making your selection, you’ll see in real-time how your choice plays out.
  4. After each scenario completes, read the summary and click to begin the next.
  5. Once you’ve completed all three scenarios, you’re all set! You’ve helped out characters intervene and those around them thank you!

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